Our Company Values

Our aim is to enhance your natural beauty

Taking care of your skin starting from the very basics, not only do we offer treatment services, but we aim to give you advice and aftercare to prolong your treatment for as long as possible. We believe that trust between us and our clients is very important, this can be obtained from good communication and being able to speak freely which we encourage with pleasure. We are very passionate about helping others and looking good, we want to help all women and young girls out there to take care of themselves, to boost their confidence and to stay happy and healthy!

Advice and guidance

With you every step of the way.

When we carry out treatments on clients, we want it to be a whole new experience for them, something that you can take away and always cherish. Clients come to us for all sorts of events; hen nights, girls night’s or general get together parties. We can cater to these and many more events. We are authorized sellers for a wide range of products which you can purchase from our Facebook page or on the website or even when you come and see us face to face at Beauty and Care to enjoy any wide range of treatments.

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